Stop using your money to line someone else’s pocket!

Instead of a rental expense, make your home an investment in Florida Real Estate!

Prevent your home from going down in value year after year!
Change your home from depreciating personal property to Appreciating Real Property.

Secure your expenses for the rest of your lives!
Rental increases and assessments must be approved by your cooperative’s board of directors.

Protect your spouse and heirs.
Don’t leave them with a rental home that could take years to sell while they continue to pay rent.

We Offer..

  • Fully Comprehensive Services from One Source
  • Long Term Commitment to Ensure Successful Park Purchase and a Financially Secure Community
  • Direct Representation by our Attorneys and Financial Analyst
  • Comprehensive Meetings with Board of Directors and Community Residents
  • Contingency Fee Basis – No Hidden Extras
  • Florida’s Leading Park Purchase Conversion Company


   The Park Conversion Specialists

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